How to change our Processor's Name Temprory

Are you bored with your old processor? Do you want a new processor with a breath-stopping name but are not going to upgrade any time soon? No need to worry. You can still have that new processor's name displayed in your computer. Well not only that, you can also have a better one than the one you are supposing to buy. Just follow this trick.

With this trick, you can change the name of your processor to a personalized one like My Processor or something extreme like Decacore Processor 50 GHz .  These are just a few examples. You can change the name of your processor to anything you like.

To have one such cool processor's name displayed in your computer, follow these steps:-
Click on Start.
Click on Run.
Type "regedit" without quotes.
From HARDWARE, navigate to DESCRIPTION/System/CentralProcessor/.
In the work area, double click on ProcessorNameString, and change its value according to your choice.
Click OK

Right Click on Computer icon and select properties.The final outcome would be something like the one in the image.

Try it on your PC and show it to your friends to see the fun.

P.S.: Personally, I have recently changed the name of my processor to "iLife Processor 7, Alien Technologies".  Tell me what you change yours to.

Note: This article changes the processor name temporarily. To permanently change processor name, visit change processor name permanently.



Jeffrey said...

iLife Processor 7 sounds quite well. I wonder, when im restarting the system it will changing as previous. Is there any solution for permanent?

Rajni Kant Roy said...


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